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Trying to find ways to earn money from the comfort of my own home, I have tried many things.

One of them is or rather was Drop Ship.

The idea is to sell on Ebay and then to buy on Amazon and let them drop ship the item to the customer.

Being from Switzerland it was really challenging because many items do not get shipped to Switzerland.

I sold a couple of items, and made a few bucks. But the huge amount of time I invest to not only learning this (and that's ok because learning a new business is really important but the time it took to find items and keep relisting them...) was just not worth the few bucks I earned.

So I dropped drop shipping. I'm not saying it's bad or not working. I'm sure it does for some people.

What I do now is much more fullfilling. I can help more people. It's much easier. Takes less time. I don't have to sell anything. And once it's built - and that's not difficult at all - it produces passive income. Real passive income. The money litterly just flows into your ewallet. It's amazing!

Anyway. Go here, to my other site and watch the videos. Most people only watch the first and move on to doing the hard labour. Some people watch all 3, then they reach out to me and ask me for the current link.

If you understand forced matrix (I hated this word because I didn't understand what I means), you will understand that I'm building one leg, thus the sign up link changes.


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